Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Got Shanked?

If I could think of two words to describe today... it would be the following:


The "tired" comes into play after a night and day of tossing and turning and pill popping-- all a result of these horrendous hereditary headaches that I get called migraines. (Thanks for these, mom)

For those of you who have never experienced a migraine, consider yourself lucky. Think getting stabbed simultaneously in the eye socket, temple, and base of the skull with multiple spoon shanks, followed by relentless twisting and compression until you almost have rationalized the temptation of poking out one of your eyes to relieve the pressure.

Fortunately, I withstood the temptation and I am writing this with both eyes intact. My brain is another issue. For the last 24 hours, I have been in an unshakeable fog--dizzy, passing in and out of consciousness, never really sure I'm awake or asleep. For all I know, I could be dream blogging right now.

Yet knowing that I have a husband who is right at this very moment picking up some "Which Wich" for his too-dizzy-to-stand-up-long-enough-to-make-dinner wife---well that's where the thankful comes in. That, and the numerous temple and neck massages, medicine and water retrieving, and puppy potty outings that he has taken care over the last day. And then, to top it all off, God gave me just under a foot of soft, powdery snow so that I could stay home and recoup without having to miss class or work.

Yes, thanks are definitely in order. So thank you husband, and thank you Jesus for helping me relax and have hope for days where my thoughts make sense and deep sleep does not elude me. And thank you, Mom (as crazy as this may sound), because despite the fact that you passed on these migraines... with them you also passed on an understanding of just how blessed I am during those lovely, shank-free times that populate the majority of my days.

I love you all.

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