Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Love, Sweet Love

You know that cheesy Jackie DeShannon song that graces the opening or final credits in about every romantic wedding themed chick flick at least once? Well, these last few days, I've been singing it. (If you happen to have no clue what I'm talking about you can check out the song here... It's a real "shindig.")

And it's not because I've been spending my days thumbing through love notes or eating chocolates that were thoughtfully placed so I would find them. And personally, I'm glad of that. (and so is my waistline)

Instead (as a result of some torturous homework assignments and tests) this Valentine's day was a relatively "normal" Monday (we are celebrating with our usual Fazoli's and Northpark 50 cent movie) complete with class, work, and the Bachelor. Sure, I did throw in some chocolate covered strawberries at the end of the evening to feel at least a bit festive... but overall, it was a pretty standard day.

A standard, wonderful, remind me how incredibly good and loving our God is day.

Years ago, when reading the book "Captivating," God impressed upon me that his love for me was beyond fatherly. Outrageous, you might think... but I quickly found it to be true. God desires to romance me (and you too!) As I began to grasp this concept, I recognized that God would leave little "kisses" for me around... maybe it was a sunset or just a great conversation with a friend... but I knew it was him. Romancing my heart. And, in his true romantic fashion... he left a few more "kisses" for me this V-day.

It all started with a call from a good friend announcing that after years of trying, she is expecting. For those of you who don't catch the euphemism, think chubby cheeked, diaper-wearing, soft-skinned goodness.

I cried.

Because God is loving. He is provisional. He takes care of his children. His timing is perfect. And he makes beautiful things.

...like babies, and much needed date nights. That was kiss #2. And surprisingly, it was not my much needed date night, but my aunt and uncle's.

You see, my uncle for the last year and half has been battling with Leukemia (you can read his story here.) Long story short, there has been a lot of nights spent focused on healing in the hospital, rather than marital dating and romance. But their love and faith never faulted... for God or for each other. And, a few weeks ago, by the grace of God, he was finally released from the hospital... and yesterday, he planned some sort of special series of events for my Aunt Keli. While I don't know the specifics of these details, just seeing my aunt's facebook status of excitement and anticipation reminded me of just how deep and wonderful the love of God is. It is inventive and impermeating and above all, it endures.

Talk about romance. There is nothing like being reminded of this love... and it's very living presence in my life and the lives of those around me. I'll take that over candy and chocolates any day. (Though I wouldn't mind a combination of the two.) And, while I'm sure that later this week I will experience a bit of husbandly romance in lieu of a late V-day date... yesterday I was perfectly pleased to relish in a bit of Godly romance.

"You really won't understand your life as a woman until you understand this: 
You are passionately loved the God of the universe." 
--"Captivating" by John & Staci Eldridge

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  1. I love this post and it made me think of two things:

    1. I really love the kind of love that is born out of age and wisdom and often hardship. I really hope our marriage continues to grow and deepen and flourish.

    2. In the midst of our low-key dinner and a rented movie Valentine's date, I COMPLETELY forgot about the Bachelor. And there goes 2 hours of my day. Thanks for the reminder!!