Monday, February 28, 2011

Just a little love poem...

So for the latest update on I.O.U. Blessings, I decided to go all photo-journalism on you... (with a bit of artfully added commentary, of course.)

I.O.U... a homemade card -and- a hand & self written poem.
Yes, that's right. I knocked out two blessings in one week via our Valentine's gifts to each other this year. What a wonderful way to express our love and save a buck. Score.
 This was my card. I tried to pull a little bit of pink in for the V-day theme... and then used my favorite color, green, to help make it a little more masculine. Not sure how well that worked, but oh well. I don't think my husband (who recently channeled Mrs. Doubtfire in his sleep) minded that much. The little diddy inside? I wrote it... and it may not be Shakespeare, but it's oh so very true. As i completed the last few details. I felt proud of this card. (Note the past tense).
This is the cover of Jake's card for me. See the perfectly stenciled antique-y chandelier? He did that all by himself. And even thought to tie on the raffia. What's that? I'm being showed up? Trust me, I know. Just wait until you scroll down and see the rest of the card...

 That adorable little "story of us" on top? That would be what I was referring to in my recent patience post... He waited four years... yes, you heard me. FOUR YEARS... to tell me he loved me. This card sorta makes it worth the wait, though :) Just wish he would have told me he was making a book though so I could have followed suit. And yes, that is the glory of a Beatles quote that graces the first page. Unbelievable.

Needless to say, my crafty, perfectionist, nostalgic, romantic at just the right moments husband won the Oscar--and my heart--for best card & sweet sentiments. Looks like the blessings are all mine. :)

P.S. Congratulations to my best friend and favorite curly-headed old folk (okay, she's really not old... but she displays her old soul in phrases like "it's raining cats and dogs" and "he was as slow as Christmas"--yes, she actually used that one today on the phone) for finding the love of her life (and partly mine for being so wonderful to take care of my best friend) and getting engaged this past week! Best wishes to the future Mr. & Mrs. Preston & Taylor Draper! :) I love you both! (a link to her fabulous and inspiring blog is here.)

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