Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Busy Bees

I am not one who typically breaks promises.

But today, when I look how this past weekend and early week has gotten away from me, I realize that I have yet to update you on our "I.O.U. Blessing" progress, let alone any other part of my crazy busy, and yet attempting to smell the roses life that inspired this little blogging adventure.

Please forgive me.

If my lack of posting was not unfortunate enough, I also have yet to fulfill last week's coupon. Now, many of you may think that this is simply because I have been avoiding embarassing myself with the whole no push-ups thing... but truly, it is nothing of the sort. Instead, it goes a little something like "wah, wah, my life is so busy, whiny whine, my professors love homework and therefore despise me, wah wah wahhhh."

Still not a good enough excuse, I know. But it's the truth.

But doesn't that become our excuse all too often? Business. The life of a busy bee. Buzzing around so quickly that we often find ourselves splat against a little windshield I like to call life. When really we ought to be taking a moment and thanking God for giving us the little wings that keep us going, the ability to create the honey that nourishes us, and the flowers that sustain our sanity.

Which brings me to the whole reason that I started the "I.O.U Blessings" challenge with my husband this year... because I had found that while buzzing between school and work and church and all of life's other busy blessings... I was beginning to lose track of the honey and the flowers. And I love flowers. (someday I'll post on just how great this love is... and how I'm building a career out of it!)

So I'm hitting the refresh button, getting my hiney back in the proverbial hive, and letting God remind me that He whom I serve is far greater, powerful, and more beautiful than anything I'm going to see buzzing my way around on my own.

I'm hoping to post soon about the 1 hour workout, and then will let you know what the other coupon is for this week... it's already picked out and on the schedule! Until then, stop your buzzing and take time to smell the ranunculus (my favorite flower)... or peonies or roses or daisies or whatever other plant analogy your little wings can wrap themselves around. Just watch out for windshields.

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  1. So true that we can't find time to do certain things that remind us that there are passions out there other than our obligations, as well as doors that are never opened due to our heads turned the other way. Great blog. Keep it up!