Friday, January 7, 2011

Turning the Tables

Whenever you are preparing to get married, people tend to excite/warn you about all the wonderful and not so wonderful things that you will soon be learning about your spouse-to-be. While I was more than happy to have the prospect of further exploring my husband's psyche and strange habits, I often found myself thinking that there probably wasn't too many shocking behavioral revelations that we going to come crawling out of our laminate woodwork after five years of dating.

And for the most part, I was right. Fortunately, Jake and I had dated long enough that we had already learned many of each other's faults (I am incredibly prone to spilling liquids), bad habits (he almost never puts dirty dishes where they belong--a.k.a. the dishwasher), and skills (both of us have some pretty mad massage skills). It is the last of those that bring me to this week's task.


...a foot rub. Sit back and relax."

::disclaimer: all who are disgusted by all things feet may not find themselves able to appreciate the rest of this post::

Now let me begin this story by admitting something pitiful. Because while I still (and forever will) contend that our back rubs were equally traded amongst ourselves while dating, I have been seriously lacking in the massage giving trade since we got married. I know, I know. It's totally unfair that I get my shoulders/neck/back/feet rubbed 100x more than my sweet husband. But, as I've reminded him a million times before whenever he randomly decides to give me a hard time about this unfortunate deficit, I rarely ask for them. He just chooses to. And man, is he good at it.

Enter scenario:
I'm innocently leaning on his shoulder while watching grey's anatomy last night on the couch and he starts rubbing the base of my scull/neck (to those of you have never experience a scull rub, it feel something like this--> ::insert ecstatic and simultaneously completely relaxed sigh::)

I am incredibly thankful that of all the things I could have learned about Jake after we got married, it was that he is the sort of guy that freely and frequently does these sorts of things 'just cause' whenever he's around you (even if he can't for the life of him remember to put his cereal bowls into the dishwasher).

However, this week I am turning the tables.

This week I am going to give the most magnificently relaxing foot rub to have ever graced the feet of this earth. (I heard that mental accusal of my ever-present over-exaggeration--and I have NO idea what you're talking about.)

How do I plan to achieve this monumental task you ask? (rhyme not intended) I will utilize the gifts of one of my very best friends- Google. (One of my many nicknames is Google Queen (elaboration saved for another post.) Referencing resources such as this and that, I'm going to combine a few common household items with a bit of elbow grease and I should be set.

Now, having provided you with my resources, I challenge any brave souls out there reading this to turn their own tables. Go out of your way this week to put hands to feet to show your favorite person (even if they don't feel like your favorite person this week) just how much you love them.

I'll let you know how it goes for me. Until then...

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  1. Side note: I apologize that this post was one day late... but what's new in my life?