Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Cold Shoulder

Let me begin this post by saying that I love the cold. It is clean, crisp, an invigorating. And it is waaaaay better than sweating the day away in the heat.

But right now, the cold and me... well, we're in a fight.

And it's really not the cold's fault. But when you leave your apartment key at work and have to sit on your doorstep for 30 minutes while the maintenance guy comes to let you in--and then find out that because you don't have your ID (I keep mine attached to my keys) you are going to have to continue to stay in the cold until they can get someone on the phone to ask you a million and one random questions about yourself to prove who you are... well you start not to care who's fault it is, and begin to care a whole lot more about the fact that your face looks like Rudolph and the rest of your body feels like you've decided to reenact a scene from Vertical Limit.

While my fingers were turning busy turning black from frostbite, I thought a bit about the nature of these sorts of moments. You know, the "I-don't-care-if-you-say-it's-not-your-fault-I'm-still-ticked" moments in life. I feel like we may encounter those way too often. And, whether we are lovers or fighters, yellers or stewers... these moments, and our attitudes in light of them, undoubtedly affect our relationships.

So this week, as I prepare myself for the "blessing" that my husband chose for us, I challenge myself (and any other lovely people who have come upon this blog and are up for it) to be aware of these moments... and kick their sorry behinds Jillian Michaels-style. Why give into something that will only ruin your mood (or maybe even your relationship with a very beloved season)?

I'll share tomorrow more about this week's "blessing." But for now, I'll just give you a hint...

(a great picture when I've been rattling on about attitudes today... ha!)

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